With My Head in the Clouds

ImageThe fog is creeping in and around the tall Yellow Poplars out back with the same stealth approach as the cat coming down the path from the barn.. It’s an inside day. The forest is fading away in a cloud. Lately nature has been doing a little two step dance of sorts around here. There’s been a day for hard and heavy outside chores followed by a day that gives permission to stay in and do comforting things. Things such as bake and sort through drawers to find the missing put asides and get around to it later bits and pieces of living. Today is that sort of day. Daylight is diffused through the mist but not so much for the need to use lights.This pleases me. I don’t like artificial light during the day. It seems irksome and redundant. So this is a day to wander around with my head in the clouds. I’m surrendering to it and taking my cues from my surroundings. There are still the outside chicken and goat and alpaca chores that will take me out to do the rounds a little later. I’m going to pick up some lichen and twigs and things to bring in and use for subjects in a drawing that has been wandering through my thoughts. It’s blessedly peaceful here today and if I had something to say or someone to talk to I think I feel inclined to whisper..