I promise to check in every day.

Okay, It’s been awhile, years actually, approximately 2, since I’ve added a blog entry. I have been sadly neglecting my website and that is about to change. Things happened here on Spoon Mountain Farm. There have been high points and low points.

On the upside, I’ve hosted some really terrific Wwoofers. If you don’t know what that is It stands for World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farmers. You don’t have to be certified organic to be a hosting member but you need to share the spirit. For example I have never added any nutrients to the soil here except product (poo) from my various animals as fertilizer. I’ve never used any insecticide either. My farm is not a highly commercial venture. It’s a learning and sharing alternative forest micro farm. I’ve also shared my space by renting a tiny primitive but sweetly appointed cabin via Airbnb. Tiny Cabin on a Forest Farm, if you’d like to check that out. Additionally, the silver lining of the consequence of one of the downside entries below is I have been doing a load of artwork and that is making me so happy! I’ve started and art card business among other things. Months of watching the Great British Baking Show has motivated me to try lots of new things and to just recently offer fresh baked home baked goods, using farm fresh eggs and the very best ingredients I can find to add to fresh baked biscotti and fancy quick breads and other tasty things.

On the downside, Covid put the skids under a lot of my anticipated selling venues as well as classes Id hoped to offer here.A year ago this past April I had the silly misfortune to let a ladder slip out from under me and I landed about four feet below the rung I left behind and landed flat on my back. Well every thing worked just fine until a couple days later when there wasn’t a lot of improvement. Long story short, I compressed fractured two vertebrae. That sounds softer than I gosh, I just happened to break my back. But on the upside and i am forever grateful, it didn’t cause me pain and hasn’t had any lasting effects in a physical sort of way. The bad news was I needed to where this brace that would not allow me to bend, or twist or turn four 4 months and that presented a lot of challenges considering I live alone and their were animals to feed and things that needed to be lifted and carried. I had a ten pound limit, so I made many trips because walking was fine. However, this taught me to be more cautious and careful, leading to the decision to re-home my alpaca. As much as l loved their furry little faces and caring for them, hauling that grain and water buckets over rough terrain the following winter was a situation even I could see would be of no benefit to my future self. I miss that element of my life but the time exchange to do other things has been great. For example, Im focusing much more on growing perennial and flowers as well as veggies for the farm and to share.

Next up is to create a gallery page and a PayPal pay button. That’s and tomorrow s task and Ill tell you all about it.

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