On a Warmish and Rainy Day

Today, for the second day in a row, we have had rain. Sometimes it’s been heavy and sometimes it’s been drizzley and sometimes there’s been fog in between. It has been relatively rain forest warm here and humid. This is not what Id expect coming into the middle of November.

So yeasterday I let it keep me in except for the basic neccesities such as chicken feeding and dog walking. But in my mind, I’ve been planting kale and cleaning up some of my raised garden beds and the little frog pond.

The little frog pond is actually a catchment for my rain gutter runoff, but every year, frogs come and lay eggs that look like transluscent grapes and eventually polywags come along. Im afraid not so many survive because with heavy rain the pond overflows and there they must go, I imagine. Eventually, though I rarely see them, I hear frog splashes so I know some survive and go off to have whatever frog life they are destined to live.

As there is a break in the rain and just a heavy mist all around I l’ll be off now.

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