About Spoon Mountain Farm

Spoon Mountain Farm is an example of a micro forest farm. In years past we’ve had alpaca and a herd of Angora goats and German Angora Rabbits. We anticipate new bunnies arriving .

We have three different  examples of  gardens where seasonal vegatables typically grow from late May into October.  A flock of one rooster and an assortment of seven hens provide  plenty of  colorful eggs for the table.

Additionally, Spoon Mountain Farm is an Airbnb travel destination. Look for Tiny Cabin on a Forest Farm in Meadows of Dan, VA. We also host creative arts events

Spoon Mountain Farm has been providing WWOOFers  (World Wide Opportuinities for Organic Farmers ) a destination and chance to learn about small sustainable living and animal care since 2009.

2022 ! So excited to offer another Airbnb accommodation in the form of my off grid glamped barn. It pops right up as the other accommodation when you check on Airbnb in Meadows of Dan, VA and look for Tiny Cabin on a Forest Farm.

I’ve been planting more perennial herbs and now have a nice stand of Sage, Comfrey, Thyme, and Lemon Balm, along with Peppermint and Spearmint. There are chives coming along as well. I always liberally plant bunches of parsley and Basil, because who can live without Parsley or Basil. I want it while its in season and then yet enough to get me through the off growing months . Typically I freeze and dry quite a lot of each. All my herbs can be purchased by the ounce and you can pick your own when available if you wish.

There’s lots going on, so check back often.

39001851_816403961816679_6710888989865279488_n (1).jpg

5 thoughts on “About Spoon Mountain Farm

  1. Happy animal friends and beautiful colors. Makes me look forward to summer vegetables even more! You have a peaceful looking place.

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