About Spoon Mountain Farm

Spoon Mountain Farm is a small holding where five Alpaca live and produce beautiful natural fiber which is used to create amazing roving, and yarn, all natural vegetables grow in season and awesome chickens produce free range brown eggs.

16682035_474691262654619_4635660139706739426_n.jpg36383607_763393097117766_8329555343596060672_n.jpg20374389_565145610275850_6371106971232597726_n.jpg18057096_512235022233576_552764496927306629_n.jpg18740602_533744326749312_190984814278199588_n.jpg39001851_816403961816679_6710888989865279488_n (1).jpg22552791_607550029368741_8151234269424158209_n.jpg12552769_338592209597859_660452699276624705_n.jpg11077858_296505153806565_6456855487316449660_n.jpg14095862_395620637228349_1405943743049157680_n.jpg


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