Looking through the Veil

Today I am surrounded by a very dense fog. I estimate I have,at the most, 200 feet visibility. I can hear the wind blowing intermittently up over the rise. It sounds like a distance train. Here the trees are still. Everything is still. It’s peaceful and eery at the same time.

It’s hunting season, but hunters wont be out today. I imagine the deer have an intuitive, possibly clairevoyant understanding of this. They are probably just beyond my field of vision, walking their deer trails and grazing on the green things still growing. They probably know the best places to look.

I was out earlier today leash walking my big Chocolate lab. He likes to go off on adventures with our neighbor’s hound. Cooper comes to the door to fetch him. Usually I let him go and he’s back in a few hours. I’ve learned this has to stop at this time of year, but it’s hard to make a dog understand he can’t go play with his buddy. That needs to stop now. I got a call about a week ago from a man across town, more or less, telling me he’s spotted my dog, who is weaaring a tag with my name, phone number, and address on it. and is holding him for me. I mentioned he usually is off this another, a brindle hound. The man was up here hunting from WV and reminded me folks tracking a deer might just shoot dogs if they interfere. When I got to the fellow’s address, he had my guy and Cooper in the bed of his truck. I delivered Cooper home first. My guy hasn’t had liberty since. Cooper’s been over a few times and has been disappointed. It might be safe to let my guy out today ,at least from the threat of hunters, for a bit but like any sensible creaure he’s taking a long day’s nap.

The wind’s picking up and I see the tall pines close by the house have begun to intermittently sway. Beyond the nearby, I can only imagine as I’m tucked into the low cloud coverage on this misty day.

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